Councillors get first-hand experience of travel training

travel-trainersBradford councillors have stepped into the shoes of those who need help to travel in the district at a special training event today, Tuesday 25 October 2016.

The training event has been organised by Bradford Council’s travel training unit in collaboration with Metro, First Bus and the Interchange. Councillors will experience at first-hand the same training session as a vulnerable person including road safety best practise and how to use buses safely and effectively.

Travel training is a free and structured course of training which can help young people with disabilities or additional needs over 14 years of age or vulnerable adults make their first step towards independence.

Trainer show people how to safely use a specific route on public transport to allow them to access opportunities and services they may not otherwise be able to.

The training includes road safety, money handling, hazard awareness and perception, time keeping, and risk reduction to ensure that the trainee has all of the skills required to reduce as much as possible the risks associated with independent travel.

Read more about Bradford Council’s Travel Training Unit here.



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