Hooray it’s snowing!

Blog for snowman

This story has been written by Sonya, a young person from Bradford with Cerebral Palsy and learning difficulties. 

One cold winter morning when Emma woke up and looked outside, everything was covered in white it was snowing. Emma jumped up in excitement as she watched the snow falling on the ground she ran to wake her little brother Jim. “Wake up Jimmy” she called, still half asleep Jim mumbled “it’s so early we don’t have to go to school” “Look outside it’s snowing let’s play” Emma insisted. Little Jimmy quickly got out of bed and he opened the window, gathered some snow in his hands “it feels so cold!” he shouted excitedly. Both brother and sister had been waiting for the snow nearly two years and finally it was snowing!

Emma and Jim rushed downstairs got their coats and headed towards the door, “Wait” shouted mum from behind, ” where are you two going without having  your breakfast ” we want to play with the snow” replied Emma quietly looking down.”  Have breakfast first then you can go play” mum ordered. Emma and Jim went straight to the breakfast table and started eating quickly,” Slow down!”  Mum said angrily. After finishing their breakfast they went straight outside “play nicely” mum asked. Together they began to gather snow to make a snowman. Mum was so happy seeing her children playing together, she decided to capture this moment on camera. Once the children made the snowman body Jim went to look for twigs to use as the arms and Emma went to get a carrot for the nose. Few minutes Jim came back with the twigs and he also asked his friends to come over, together they put the twigs on the snowman’s body and Emma got the carrot and put it in place.

Finally they decided to use buttons for the eyes and the snowman was complete, everyone stood around it and mum took a picture. Later that day mum asked Jim’s friends to stay and have dinner with them. All the children were sat by the heating keeping warm, talking about what a great day they had.



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