Understanding the Care Act

The Care Act is a new law about care and support for adults aged 18 or over in England. It makes care and support more consistent across England. The Act also includes the first ever entitlement to support for carers.
t will it include?
It is a single document bringing together information about the new law on care and support to adults over 18. It explains the support a person could receive for things such as getting help to get out of bed, getting dressed, washed or help with eating or
cooking meals.
Who is the Care Act for?
The Care Act relates to people over 18. This is because young carers (aged under 18) and adults who care for disabled children are assessed and supported under children’s law.

For the first time the Care Act offers support to adult carers of a young person over 18 with a disability or additional needs. If you are an adult carer you are entitled to ask for an assessment of your son’s or daughter’s needs. You can do this in advance
of them reaching 18 (in preparation for the support they may need when they turn 18).
at’s included in the Act?
The Act includes many things, for example:

  • supporting the community, making sure a
    person’s wellbeing is considered.
  • stopping problems before they start or stopping
    them getting worse as early as possible.
  • giving good information and advice to help
    people choose the right care and support.
  • planning services thinking about what is
    important to the people who use them.
  • finding out what needs a family has through an
    assessment of a person’s needs, and/or a carers
    assessment, if a family chooses to have one.
  • considering education, training and work when
    looking at a person’s care and support needs.
  • including information about how councils decide
    what you pay towards your care and support.
  • care and support planning must include things
    important to each young person and families
    should be involved in this.
  • information about personal budgets and direct
    payments.s this link to the Children and Families Act?

The Children and Families Act creates a new ‘birth to 25 years’ Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC) for children and young people with special educational needs. It offers families personal budgets so that they have more control over the type of support they are given. In some cases, where a person is over 18, the ‘Care’ part of the EHC plan will be provided for by adult care and support under the Care Act.

Read more about the Care Act here.


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